Walensee east side, searching a lost mine

After the first part (western section) of the crossing of the northern shore of the Walensee (from Weesen to Quinten, SG), we are now doing the eastern section from Quinten to Walenstadt (SG).

At Quinten (434 m), the path still follows the shore of the lake. The landscape is stony. It's hot and the rocky slopes reflect the morning heat. The forest is lined with pine trees. These peaceful bays, these pines, a certain warmth... it smells of the South. After an hour's walk, the beach at 'Gand' is perfect for a break, to fully savour the calm of the shores. 

The path then climbs to Garadur (829 m). This will be the highest point of the walk, with views over the whole of Lake Walen. The rest of the route is marked by the limestone quarry and its history. Quarrying took place between around 1860 and 1960 and profoundly changed the landscape. It is fascinating to follow in the footsteps of this history, which has left its mark on the Walenstadt region (424 m).

Walking time: 4 hours 15 minutes.